Life During Lockdown: Share The View From Your Window

The whole world has come to a full stop. There are lockdowns all over the world. People are encouraged to stay inside their houses. Amid all the fear over coronavirus, the internet has become our savior. People are working from home and sharing photos of the view from their windows. 


Share the view from your window

Sharing beautiful views started from a Facebook group project called View from my window. It soon began to spread to other social media sites as well. From well-manicured backyards to snow-covered mountains and cityscapes to seascapes, there is no end to the different kinds of beautiful views. It’s not easy to share your personal spaces. But sharing it with a million other people who are in the same boast as you can more or less create a positive experience. It brings people together and gives a sense of brotherhood during these tough times.


View from my window (Facebook)

View from my window is a Facebook group started to connect people from all over the world. Since everyone is stuck indoors, the only way people could connect is through what’s right outside their window. The group aims to compile all the photos into a photo book after the pandemic is over. This is your chance to show off your view as well as get your name into a photo book.

View from my window
Courtesy of @Josh Abrams from View from my window


View from my window
Courtesy of @Joanna Krystman from View from my window



Sharing photos of your views from your window is an innovative way to keep your spirits high. The spread of the #viewfrommywindow from Facebook to Twitter proves that people require some creative ways to vent out their frustration of sitting indoors all day long.

View from my window
View from my window. Courtesy of @vickyinglis13

View from my window
View from my window. Courtesy of @MrsJaniceSmall



On Instagram, the #viewfrommywindow is going viral as people from all over the world share their views. These people are making the most of being stuck at home and practicing social distancing by sharing the view from their window with their Instagram followers.


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