Jeddah Season 2022 Schedule, Dates, Zones: Know It All



Sixty days and 2800 events. It might sound crazy and impossible, but the Jeddah Season 2022 will make you believe all the impossible things around. The two-month-long Jeddah Season is back with a bang after two years, a halt which happened due to Covid 19. The event is filled with music, dance, food, theater, exhibitions, adventure, and much more. You will find anything and everything here. It is regarded as the most anticipated event each year.

Jeddah Season 2022

Know More About The Mega Event


The more you know about Jeddah Season’s events, the more excited you will be! The fun and adventure you will have here will be just like the theme of this season – ‘our good days are coming.’ The season is all about celebration with exciting stage shows, games, music, concerts, dance performances, and a place to have delicious food and much more.

The Jeddah Season 2022 is endeavoring to connect talents worldwide for various events. This event put forward by the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) aims to promote non-religious tourism and flourish its possibilities in Saudi. The STA has organized this event at International standards and expects visitors from worldwide

A major attraction of the season is the drone formations that will create stunning images of the city in the sky. There will also be a fireworks show every day throughout the season. A season is indeed an event that meets the land, the sky, and the sea.


Jeddah Season 2022 – Dates


Jeddah Season 2022 began on May 2, 2022, and will last till 30th June, 2022.

Jeddah Pier
Oh, the fun you’re going to have!

Jeddah Season 2022 – 9 Zones


  • Jeddah Superdome


All the significant events and exhibitions are happening at the Jeddah Superdome. Acclaimed as the largest dome in the world. Visitors will get a chance to meet their favorite fictional characters and visit many international exhibitions here.


  • Cirque Du Soleil- FUZION


With its thrilling shows, Cirque du Soleil brought a fun and exciting journey of spending time full of joy, laughter, and suspense while watching acrobatic performances and other surprises in a fantastic theatrical atmosphere for every visitor. The event was suited for the whole family and was even entertaining for a group of friends.


  • Jeddah Yacht Club
Water sports
Have a good time in the water


The first of its kind, the Jeddah Yacht Club, will amaze everyone. The venue is ready to take you into spectacular sea adventures alongside boat riding lessons, fishing, water skiing, and multiple other water activities. The events in the Yacht Club zone will be something that will create beautiful memories for every visitor.


  • Jeddah Pier

Red Sea’s largest amusement park, the Jeddah Pier, with over 40 rides and various events and activities spread over two main zones, making it a beautiful experience for families with children of all ages. The floral tunnel has already taken all the attention of the people. The park is waiting to welcome children with their favorite characters like LOL, Blippi, and more. You might wonder what the adults will do when the kids are playing. Well, even that part is also well planned and sorted. The Chill Zone is a relaxing area near the beach where parents can relax while their children play. The park offers thrilling rides like a new roller coaster, an upside-down tunnel, or a retro house.

Jeddah Pier Amusement Park
Come here with joy and leave with memories
  • Jeddah Art Promenade

Jeddah Art Promenade gives you a spectacular vibe. Every time you visit here, it provides a new delightful experience. The Art Promenade has a distinct vibe from the other zones for the same reason. Including an 80-meter viewing tower, the golden falcon and terraces overlooking the sea, and various cafes, restaurants, and brands can all be found here.


  • Jeddah Jungle
Safari Drive
The pleasure of strolling in nature.


Everybody will be expecting a desert adventure theme event here in Jeddah Season, but the Saudi Tourism Authority is here to surprise you and deliver something beyond your expectation. The Jeddah Jungle zone is something of that kind. There are around 1000 wild creatures in this zone and 100 rare birds, and the best part is that you may meet and interact with them. Don’t miss taking a Safari Game Drive to see tigers, cheetahs, and even a white lion in the wild.


  • Prince Majed Park

Stage events

One of Jeddah’s most beautiful locations. Jeddah Season will be even more spectacular, with weekly creative shows that blend international and local cultures, global street markets from other countries, and various activities to enhance the experience!


  • City Walk
Music show
A stunning performance at City Walk. Source: Group F FB page


One of Jeddah Season’s largest zones covers 282,000 square meters and offers many different activities. It has nine primary sub-zones that form a fully integrated experience. Everyone will find something that they enjoy here. Locals and visitors equally enjoy visiting the iconic City Walk for various activities and excursions. The restaurants here serve some of the best Saudi and international cuisines.


  • Al Balad

Al Balad zone is set in a more historical mode. The zone includes more traditional fun activities and events. The experience is more like taking a glance at the past. The zone is embellished with exquisite architectural designs of old homes and buildings and antique museums that will interest history and culture enthusiasts.


Jeddah Season 2022 – Top Attractions

The adventure begins!

Jeddah Season 2022 is filled with many exhilarating and entertaining attractions and events. And these attractions are one of the key factors which make the season a successful and appealing event in Saudi. A few of the top attractions are:

  • 60 days of fireworks
  • 60+ fun games
  • 20 Arabic concerts
  • 7 Arabic plays
  • 4 International fairs
  • 1 World circus


Jeddah Season 2022 – Schedule


Jeddah Pier
All about having fun and enjoyment
  • Jeddah Art Promenade

Theater Shows

The theater shows bring you the most creative and artistic performances. 

Date and time: May 2 – June 15, 2022

  • Jeddah Pier

Upsidedown Tunnel

In Adrenaland, explore the upside-down tunnel with three unique experiences that will give you nothing but a thrill.

Date and time: May 14 – June 28, 2022. 17:00 – 2:00


Throwback House

The throwback house will take you on a nostalgic trip.

Date and time: May 14 – June 28, 2022. 17:00 – 2:00


Abandon Island (Horror Zone)

Gather your squad and set sail on a pirate adventure on the island in the Horror Zone.

Date and time: May 14 – June 28, 2022. 17:00 – 2:00

Jeddah Season 2022 – Tickets Booking and Price


To book your tickets for the Jeddah Season 2022, you may visit the official website. By providing just your email ID and password, you will be able to book your tickets. Having the Tawakkalna app on hand to validate your vaccination records will give you faster access to the event. 

The entry fees for events and activities in the Jeddah Season range from 25 to 2000 SAR. There are also activities and events that are offered free of charge as well.

Jeddah Season Tickets
Grab your tickets soon!

The Jeddah Season 2022 is where the world meets Jeddah and Jeddah meets the world. The events include K-pop performances, styling sessions, live graffiti mural and customization bar, etc. Every part of the season is well organized. The Jeddah Season 2022 will delight tourists and leave a lasting impression on everyone. To experience this wonderland, book your tickets to Jeddah on Rehlat now.

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