Istanbul- A Book Lover’s Paradise

Istanbul is simply perfect in every way. Apart from its rich heritage of architectural masterpieces and geographic location, it is also a book lover’s dream city. Considering the historicity of Istanbul, it’s no surprise that this city has many libraries and book stores to satiate a bibliophile’s thirst.


Top 5 Places to Find Rare Books in Istanbul


Beyazıt State Library

Beyazit State LibraryBeyazıt State Library is Turkey’s one of the first public libraries dating back to 1884. In 2016, its restoration work was undertaken by Tabanlıoğlu Architects and they transformed this place into a heaven for not only for scholars and book lovers but for architects and designers too.


SALT Galata

SALT GalataSALT Galata is a charming building that once used to be home to the Ottoman Bank, SALT. Apart from being a remarkable research library and an archive, it also houses a café, restaurant, art gallery, and museum. As if it wasn’t enough, Robinson Crusoe considered to be one of the best bookstores in Istanbul is also inside this building.


Yıldız Palace Museum Library

Palace Museum LibraryThe IRCICA Library houses over 81,000 books dedicated to Islamic religion and arts. It is situated in the Yıldız Palace estate and the boasts of works calligraphy to historic photographs that are sure to take you back to the momentous times in the past.


Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library

Vitali Hakko Creative Industries LibraryThe Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library is located in the headquarters of Vakko in Istanbul. It’s paradise for people interested in architecture, design, fashion, art, film, and a lot more.


Sahaf Pasajı

Beyazit SahaflarIn Sahaf Çarşısı (book market) of Istanbul has two significant book shops of the city: the Beyoğlu Sahaf Pasajı and the Beyazıt Sahaflar Çarşısı. Here you can get antique books ranging from Ottoman manuscripts, rare novels, old posters of Turkish movies


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