Unravel The Layers Of History In These Ancient Cities

If you’re someone who often finds himself/herself going through history books, watching documentaries about the ancient civilizations and surfing the net to satisfy your curiosity regarding the lives of ancient people, then this list is just for you. Dwell in the past in these ancient cities across the world and fuel your love for history and traveling.


Top 5 Must Visit Ancient Cities


Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan

mohenjodaroThe Indus Valley Civilization (also known as Harappa Civilization) is one of the oldest civilizations in the world.  Dating back to more than 5000 years ago it remains one of the most mysterious human settlements with its script still undeciphered. The ruins of Mohenjo Daro are a spectacle to see with public baths, a hug structure that probably housed thousands once, a marketplace, homes with drainage systems, courtyards, and private baths.


Tiwanaku, Bolivia

Bolivia-Travel-TiwanakuThe remains of Tiwanacu found in the western Bolivian Andes near Lake Titicaca date back to 8th century CE. It used to be a spiritual and political hub of a kingdom that was known for its technological advancement. Apart from ruins of residential areas, the archaeological site also has the ceremonial centers like the Gateway to the Sun, the Gateway to the Moon, and the Kalasasaya temple complex.


Mesa Verde, United States

mesa verdeMesa Verde translates to green table in Spanish. It is one of the 5000 archaeological sites and 600 cliff hangings that together form the habitat of Puebloans from 6th to 13th century. The ancient residents of this place cultivated vegetables and hunted animals for their survival until a massive drought led to the abandonment of the city. The archaeological site is located in southwest Colorado.


Thebes, Egypt

pharaoh-3506375_1280Thebes used to be a thriving city and the capital of ancient Egypt. The Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, the Temple of Luxor, Karnak and many more world famous archaeological sites are in Thebes. Today it carries remains of a glorious past with several monumental structures still standing as witnesses of a golden era.


Teotihuacan, Mexico

teotihuacan-1340799_1280Mexico has no dearth of archaeological sites. Teotihuacan is situated around 50 kms toward northeast of Mexico City and is one of the most renowned archaeological sites in the country. Dating as far back as 1st century BCE, it expanded until the 8th century BCE. It is believed by the archaeologists that at the peak of its expansion, it was populated by almost 25,000 people. You can still see the impressive pyramids here.

Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of history?


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