Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 8

Nigerian Folktale: Why do Thunder and Lightning live in the sky?

Long long ago, the thunder and lightning were among the many inhabitants of this earth. The thunder resided in the form of an old mother sheep while the lightning was a ram, her son. Whenever the lightning got angry, he would go around town burning houses, farms, knocking down trees, and sometimes even killing people. This made his mother thunder furious, and she would scream at her son in an ear-splitting voice but in vain. Lightning never listened to her mother and continued damage everything he could get his hands on.

One day, the town people had it enough and complained to the king about it. The king ordered the thunder and lightning to go and live as far away from the town as possible. However, this didn’t stop the ram from causing damage. The people couldn’t take in any more and went to the king again. The king exiled them to the sky so that lightning wouldn’t cause much destruction on land.

Since that day, lightning is furious and still causes damage now and then. You can hear the roar of thunder asking lightning to stop but as usual lightning does not pay heed to his mother’s rebuke. There are times when the mother thunder is not around so her voice is not heard and lightning continues to give in to his anger and cause destruction.


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