Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 9

Pakistani Folktale

Once there lived a poor farmer with his wife in the present day Pakistan. One night after their long hard day at the farm, they were having dinner when suddenly a gust of strong wind blew open the door of their small house.
“Can you shut the door dear?” the man asked his wife.
“Why don’t you shut it?” said the wife.

And the argument began. It was decided that whoever shall utter a word first should close the door. Both of then retired to bed in silence. However, as fate would have it, they heard a loud noise. A dog had entered the kitchen through the open door and was conveniently relishing their food store. But the couple didn’t speak a word. The dog ate as much as he wanted and then left.

The following morning, the wife went to a mill to have some grain grounded into flour. When she was gone, the barber entered the house and asked the husband, “Why are you sitting alone?”

The farmed stayed silent. To make him speak, the barber had some tricks up his sleeve. The barber shaved off his head but still no word from him. Then, he went on to shave half of his beard and mustache. Yet the silence prevailed. Now, the barber put a black coating all over his body but in vain. The farmer remained adamant in his decision not to speak.

“This man has been bewitched!” the horrified barber ran out of the house screaming.
As soon as the barber left, his wife came back; she couldn’t contain her surprise on seeing her husband covered in black paint and exclaimed, “What on earth have you been doing?”

The farmer finally broke his silence and said, “Since you have spoken first, it’s you who would shut the door.”
And the door was once again closed unless of course, the wind decides to open it back.


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