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Culture is the essence of human civilization; it has always been and always will be. It’s impossible to experience a place completely without experiencing its culture. It does not matter whether you label yourself as a tourist or a traveler, culture is the building block of the society and to say that you’ve traveled to that place and spent time there has to involve indulging in the culture as well. So travel not only with your eyes and feet but also with your heart and soul for the world is one big family and every culture has something to teach.


Top 5 Places for the Best Cultural Experiences



shanghai-673087_1280Shanghai is a city that holds that proudly carries many crowns on its head –the financial hub of the world, the most populated city in world, the largest city of the fourth largest country of the world, China, and also the city where the Chinese cinema originated. This bustling city of dreams is home to a number of cultural attractions, art galleries, restaurants and cafes serving world’s best cuisine, brilliant architecture, and a great nightlife.




lamp-2727229_1280Experience culture at its best in the city of Istanbul. A city that is a unique blend of the cultures of the East and the West. Istanbul is paradise for people who want to get immersed in the cultural travel as every street and corner of this transcontinental city has a tale to tell. Ancient relics, vibrant markets, museums carrying remains of history, medieval ruins, chic restaurants, and lively nightclubs –Istanbul has it all.




actor-1807557_1280Cultural tourism thrives in a place like Bangkok. A perfect amalgamation of modern lifestyle and spiritualism, this city is the epitome of Thai culture. Bangkok boasts of beaches, temples, nightclubs, traditional martial arts, floating bazaars, fantastic architecture, delicious cuisine and what not.




london-3078109_1280A city that carries the old world charm and the modern culture in the most beautiful way possible. So, if you experience European culture head to the royal city of London. This cosmopolitan city is a perfect place to indulge in heritage architecture, all kinds of art, lip smacking cuisine, and a lot more.




architecture-3294424_1280Go back in time in Rome to experience a culture that existed way back in history but whose remains can still be seen and felt. The capital of Italy is the embodiment of the cultural heritage that the city has tried to keep protected in the ancient ruins of Colosseum, Roman Forum, Piazza Venezia and so on. Fly to Rome to get your fix of cultural tourism.


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