7 Korean Proverbs To Brighten Up Your Day

Every corner of this world is an unfathomable well of knowledge. All we can do is scoop up a little of whatever is passed down to us from our ancestors. Here are some of the proverbs from Korea to inspire you because we know sometimes life is a difficult ride. And all of us need a little motivation from here and there to keep the chin up and continue fighting our battles.

#1. Even monkeys fall from trees. 

Korean say “Weon-sungi-do namu-eh-seo ddeoleo-jinda” that means “‘Don’t give up”


#2. Starting is half the task.

Korean say “Shi-jaki bani-da” that means “‘Starting is half job done”


#3. If you don’t walk today, you will have to run tomorrow.

Korean say “geunyang hae” that means “Just do it”


#4. The goddess of good fortune likes a person who has courage.

Korean say “haeng-un-eun yong-gileul houihanda” that means “Fortune favours the brave”


#5. There is more worth in one hour today than in two hours tomorrow.

Korean say “oneul 1 sigan-eun naeil 2 bun gachigaissda” that means “There is more worth in one hour today than in two hours tomorrow”


#6. There is no shortcut to learning.

Korean say, “hagseub-ui jileumgil-i eobsda” that means “You cannot learn something just like that”


#7. Delight comes at the end of difficulty.

Korean say, “gotong-i eobs-eumyeon eodneun geosdo eobsda” that means “no pain, no gain”


South Korea portrays a contradictory collision of ancient traditions and world class modern cities. It is the land of K-Pop, need we say more. Get there now.

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  1. belle senoron

    I love to know more about korean culture, one of the reason is i am a korean drama follower and became interested in the way of life and i like literature and poetry, thus i love also sayings,proverbs…thus i thirst for m9re learnings…new things!

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