6 Reasons Why You Have To Travel To Georgia

Georgia is a country that will leave you speechless. Tucked between Europe and Asia, this tiny country welcomes everyone to its quiet mountains, bohemian cities, and undiscovered paths. Under the Soviet Union, the country suffered a lot. But it has left its turbulent past where it belongs, in the past, and now the country has moved to greener pastures. Anyone who visits Georgia is sure to fall in love with the magnificent country.


6 reasons to visit Georgia

Let’s take a look at what makes Georgia an ultimate getaway destination.


Amazing Georgian Cuisine

There’s one thing all Georgians are very proud of, their food. It’s considered one of the best cuisines in the Caucasus region and rightly so. The cuisine is heavily inspired by Turkish, Greek, Russian, and Persian cuisines. Hearty and warm, Georgian food is a treat for the eyes, stomach, and soul. 

Georgian cuisine is a treasure trove of delicious and comforting food. In fact, if you ever get invited to a supra or feast, accept the invitation to get the ultimate crash course on Georgian cuisine. You’ll find yourself reaching out for more khachapuri (stuffed cheese-bread), khinkali (spicy dumplings filled with meat or potato), badrijai nigvzit (stuffed aubergine), and many other delicious Georgian staples.



Beautiful Architecture

Everywhere you go in Georgia, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful architecture. There’s a large number of ancient caves, churches, and monasteries you can explore, including mysterious cave cities like Uplistsikhe Cave Town dating back to the 12th century. The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Gelati Monastery, and Bagrati Cathedral are a few of the most ancient and revered places in Georgia. The Old Town in Tbilisi is home to a large number of traditional Georgian houses.

Georgia was once a part of the Soviet Union, so you’ll see a lot of Soviet-era buildings, like the Bank of Georgia, which looks like a large Tetris building. If you are a fan of the obscure and prefer the off-beaten path, then Tskaltubo, a former spa town, is perfect for you. This abandoned town is an untouched and stunning example of Soviet architecture. 

Old Town of Tbilisi
Old Town of Tbilisi


Natural Beauty 

Georgia is a beautiful picture-perfect postcard country. There is no other country that looks like it. From the Caucasus Mountains to the Black Sea to rolling green hills, waterfalls, and canyons, Georgia has something for everyone. 

The coastal town of Batumi on the banks of the Black Sea is a relaxing seaside escape for those who love the sea. For mountain lovers, the Caucasus is home to several remote villages like the medieval and tourist village of Tusheti. The Martvili Canyon, home to the emerald Abasha river, is one of Georgia’s most impressive natural landmarks. In Eastern Georgia, the Vashlovani National Park is known for its forests and abundant wildlife. 

Beautiful view of the Caucasus Mountains
Beautiful view of the Caucasus Mountains


Hospitality of Georgians

Georgians are famous for their hospitality and friendliness. They welcome guests with open arms. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, Georgians will treat you like you are family. And this does not apply only to tour guides or vendors but anyone you meet on the streets.

Georgians are proud people and often like to show off their country and culture. Everywhere you go, there’ll be someone or the other always ready to help you, buy you dinner, and discuss the beauty of their country. Even if you are lost, they’ll often go out of their way to help you. No other place in Europe can come close to Georgia’s hospitality.

Smiling Georgian woman
Smiling Georgian woman


Rich History and Culture

With over 8000 years of history, Georgia is knee-deep in history and culture. Its location between Asia and Europe made it a part of the ancient silk trade route, which meant that it was heavily influenced by different cultures like Arabs, Turks, Russians, and Mongols. This influence can still be seen to this day in the food, people, and culture. 

To get a look at how rich the history and culture of Georgia is, head on down to the State Museum of Georgia. There you’ll see a large collection of historical objects that dates back to the palaeolithic age. This will give you a look at how this country has always been a cradle for different kinds of civilization. Besides this museum, there are also plenty of other museums that will quench your thirst for knowledge about Georgia.

Khertvisi Fort
Ancient Khertvisi Fort


Cheap and Affordable Destination

Georgia is the ultimate budget destination. Its vibrant cities, namely Tbilisi, is much more affordable than other European cities. So, if you want to experience the charming beauty of Europe for a budget, then head to Georgia. Moreover, accommodation, travel, food, and all the major sights are pocket friendly. 

The beautiful country of Georgia will give you all that you wished for on your Europe trip at a fraction of the price. And the best part is that it’s just a few hours by plane from Dubai. 


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