5 Weird Superstitions Across The Globe

We all come from different parts of the world with different customs, traditions, and beliefs. We might have very different opinions on everything but if there’s one thing that all of us agree with is that this world is a crazy place. And even crazier are the superstitions that people have believed in for centuries. Let’s have a look at some of the weird but funny superstitions from around the world.

5 Weird but Interesting Superstitions Around the World

The amount of bird poop is directly proportional to the wealth you will get.

carFrustrated that a bird pooped on your car? Well, don’t be. Who knows you might just get lucky! In Russia, it is believed that bird poop brings luck and fortune. The more birds there are, the more wealth you’re likely to get.


Beware of demons! Don’t forget to take your make-up off.

makeupIt is believed in Vietnam that if you sleep without removing make-up from your face lest demons might mistake you for being one of their kind. Have you ever slept with your make-up on?


Like chewing gum? Don’t chew at night.

gumIn Turkey, people believe that if you chew gum during night, the gum becomes the flesh of a dead person. Did you just spit gum out of your mouth?


Did you forget your wallet on the floor?

Lost walletPeople in Brazil believe that if you leave your wallet or purse on the ground, it will bring you bad luck. Think twice before placing your wallet on the ground next time.


Did the devil find you?

backwards walkDid you ever play the game of walking backwards as a kid? Congratulations, you told Satan about your whereabouts. It is believed in Portugal that if you walk backwards, you invite bad luck into your life as walking backwards tells the devil about your location and where you’re heading towards.

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