Revealed : Secret Tricks to Book Hotels for Less

When we plan a trip with family or friends, we all look for a comfortable, friendly, and hassle-free trip and when it comes to hotel, we want the best but do not want to spend a fortune on that. Hotel booking can be in budget and you can get the best in offer but for that you should know some quick gimmicks. We reveal those tricks here.

How to Get the Perfect Hotel Booking in Budget?

Check your Hotel’s Exact Location

GPS Location

Hotel’s usually bluff about their location to lure in tourists. Don’t fall in that trap. Check whether your hotel is located near popular attractions which you want to visit. Check distances on Google Maps if the hotel is close to the airport or popular landmarks. This will help you in your vacation as you would be spending lesser on local transportation.

Don’t Get Lured by Package Offers

To entice new guests, few hotels offer special packages that sounds pretty worthy. Check whether the whole package is useful or not for you. Skip the package deal if few of the services are not suitable for you.

Bills Need a Thorough Check

Review the Bills

Every hotel room has a mini bar and often the hotel make mistakes in billing for this. Since the Mini Bars are stocked by hand, the charges are often miscalculated.  Carefully review the hotel’s itemized bill before paying. If you notice any wrongly entered items, don’t hesitate to discuss.

Be Aware that Room Preferences aren’t Guaranteed

Hotel bookings include preferences like airport shuttle services, bed size, and number of beds, etc. Few of the hotels may offer room preferences and few may not. So travelers should be aware that these preferences are not guaranteed and you should be ready to shell out a few more for your preferred room.

There is Nothing to be Shy about in Mentioning the Special Occasions and Get Perks!

Many of us travel for different occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. Mention the same to the hotel staff before you arrive at the hotel. You may be surprised with cakes and flowers or a dinner treat.

Special Occasions

Ask for Parking Facility

Know whether the hotel is offering free parking or not. If not free, know the parking fee. Otherwise look for other hotels offering free parking or discounted parking rates. Knowing about parking facilities will really help you if you’re going to stay in large cities.

A Hello or a Smile to the Staff May Bring in Rewards for You

Few simple things will make big differences! Say hello to the staff, or simply ask how the front desk staff’s day is going, or ask how the cleaning staff is when you are passing by them. This isn’t just showing your politeness to them but it also increases chances of getting perks during your stay.

A Last Tip to Get Cheap Hotels
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