Pink, White, or Yellow – These Colourful Beaches Redefine Beauty


Nature never fails to surprise us. Though green dominates, there are many other colours making nature as beautiful as it can get. The colourful beaches across the world testify for the above claim that I have made. Yes, you read it right! White beaches are not the only jewel. There are several colourful beaches that are sure to take your breath away.

Top 5 Colourful Beaches in the World


Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, the Bahamas

pink sands beachIf you want to experience something spectacular, then by all means head to the Pink Sands Beach. The pale pink coloured beach with coral reef extends for almost three miles making the sea shore look like a pink heaven. It gets its colour from foraminifera, the minute bright pink microorganisms. Moreover, the sand always has a pleasantly cool temperature so it’s pleasurable to walk barefoot here.


Hyams Beach, New South Wales, Australia

hyams beachThough white beaches are scattered all over the world, the Hyams Beach in Australia is the brightest gem in the treasure of white sand beaches. This beach has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the brightest as well as whitest sand in the world.


Porto Ferro, Sardinia, Italy

porto ferroExperience nature in its swag in Porto Ferro Beach where the sea and the sand flaunt a combination of quirky and funky colours –orange and blue. A beautiful blend of orange coloured limestone, powdered shells, and volcanic deposits merges into the blue hues of water in such a way that the sheer beauty of this union of colours is almost unbelievable.


Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California

pfeiffer beachPfeiffer Beach in California is famous for its delicate purple colour. The beach has this particular colour due to the pigmentation from mineral deposits especially quartz and garnet.


Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

Papakolea BeachPapakolea Beach is located in the South Point i.e. the southernmost part of Big Island. The beach owes its green colour to the eruption of Pu’u Mahana which was a 50,000 year old cinder cone. The olive coloured lava has given the beach its unique colour.

Let your love for beaches unite with your love for colours!

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