Palma de Mallorca – A Local’s Guide to the Awe-Inspiring Spanish Islands

Palma de Mallorca is a stunner, the capital and largest city of the Balearic Islands. Am not writing here as a traveller but as someone who has lived there for a year and a half and experienced the best local places.

Best Time to Visit Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca Sea Beach Day

Summer starts very early on this island from April until October. You can still take a dip into the crystal sea. Best time to visit is June as the weather would be sunny in the day and chilly at night-perfect! The following months would be full of tourists and it would be hot with temperature reaching 38 degrees.

Things to do in Palma de Mallorca

First things first, visit the amazing cathedral of Palma la Seu, one of the closest cathedrals to the sea. Take a stroll in Jaume 3, live bands on the street, sip some coffee or ice-cream and shop at Calle del borne.

Take a wall through St. Miguel, plaza mayor and have lunch at Buscando el norte in Plaza Espana and make sure to order the tuna tataki, octopus, goat cheese salad.

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Best Beaches to Visit in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca Sea Beach Evening

Small beaches are known as Calas in Mallorca and the city is full of Calas such as the Cala Mondrego, Cala Pi, Colonia de Sant Jordi, Illetes Beach, Pala de Muro in Alcudia, Sa Calobra, and Camp de Mar. Take a bile to portixol beach, have some frozen yogurt llaollao and watch the sunset.

I Recommend

The train in Soller is a journey not to be missed with a 100 year old train that’s soaks up in the real Mallorca and takes you back in time.

You should visit some really nice villages such as Deia and Valldemossa situated in the hills of Tramauntana which can be done as a trek and called the backbone of Mallorca. Close-by this area you can also do a trek of Sa Foradada which at the end has a restaurant El Mirador with scenic views of the Balearic Sea.

Hidden Beaches

If you go to visit the beaches in Mallorca make sure to visit Cap de Formentor lighthouse which Mallorquins call it meeting point of winds!

Best Local Restaurants of Palma de Mallorca

Make sure to try

  • Casa Gallega, tast, el pesquero next to Passeo Maritimo with beach views
  • St. Cristo for best ensaimadas (mallorquin desserts)
  • Flilipos for some icecream or boutique del gelato
  • La Siesta
  • Toque de Queda
  • Como en Casa
  • Molta barra

St. Cristo

Every Tuesday, there is a Ruta Martiana in Mallorca which is a tapas route and gets extremely busy starting 7 pm. Make sure to go early to get their some awesome tapas!

Highly recommended is Molta Barra with goat cheese tapas and Mermalade on top! At night reach to Bellver castle for spectacular views of Mallorca. Before hitting the club, have some drinks at Santa Catalina especially Havnna and Soho which has some games inside and make your way to the club at 1-2 am.

Best Clubs to Visit in Mallorca

  • Garito on Thursdays
  • Social club Mallorca
  • Titos
  • Blue Jazz
  • Club de Mar
  • Puro Beach Club
  • Anima Beach Club
  • Kaelum, and some occasional parties in Sa Possessio.


Enjoy your trip with these handy tips.

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