Kiribati – The Island Nation No Body Knows About

The only country that is spread across all the four hemispheres



“Good things come in small packages’ perfectly describes Kiribati – a country that is unique in many aspects. I am sure many must be hearing about this amazing country for the very first time today.

What’s unique about Kiribati?

  • The country has a fascinating geography it’s the only nation in the whole world that falls in all the four hemispheres.
  • It’s the first country in the world to welcome New Year. (Now you know where to go to be the first to ring in New Year).
  • There are 33 atolls and reef islands, but only 21 are inhabited.
  • Small country but it is the 197th most populous country in the world
  • The country’s total area is 811 square km while its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is of above 340 square km, there by making it better than many developed countries.
  • The Government of Kiribati proposes to buy 5,000 acres of land from Fiji. This land would be used to relocate the residents in case of natural disasters.
  • The island may vanish in next 60-65 years due to global warming effect.

What you can do in Kiribati?

With biggest water to land ratio in the world, Kiribati is for water babies who love travel theme with water.

Kiribati - Fishing


  • Fishing
  • Beach hopping
  • Underwater diving

Scuba Diving Kiribati

  • Snorkeling
  • Bird watching
  • Paragliding
  • Surfing (Best place is Fanning island)
  • Visit World War II historical sites on The Gilbert group of islands (P.S: Tarawa, Butaritari (previously called Makin, Abemama were invaded by the Japanese in 1941, just after they bombed Pearl Harbour.

Three Main Islands to Tour

There are many islands but the major activities happen on:

  • Tarawa Island
  • Kiritimati Island
  • Tabiteuea Island

Getting There

Kiribati has 3 International gateways at Tarawa, Kiritimati and Kanton Islands. Honolulu and Nadi are the major stop over for connecting flights to Kiribati Island.

Fiji Airways connects the island to major cities across the world.

Where to Stay?

Kiribati - Hotels

From home stays to beach resorts, you have plethora of options to choose from. Book a hotel at Tarawa or Kiritimati for easy access to locals and beaches as well.

Things to Know Before You Plan your Trip

Capital & largest city: Tarawa

Language Spoken: Gilbertese but English is widely spoken and understood

Currency: Kiribati Dollar, Australian Dollar

Common Phrases to Make Travel Easy to Kiribati

Hello & Welcome – Mauri

How are you? – Ko uara?

Thank you – Ko rabwa

Goodbye – Ti a boo

What’s your name? – Antai aram?

My name is – Arau (singular) or Arau ngai (plural)

Good night – Matiu raoi

Good Morning – E uara matiuum?

Yes – E eng

No – Tiaki

Sorry – Kabara au bure

Curious to know more about this. Follow the beautiful island nation for shots that are straight out of heaven and stories that would take you there.

Facebook: @kiribati.tourism

Check their official website for more on what’s in store for you. Click Here.


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