Explore a whole new world through scuba-diving in Aqaba


We are truly blessed to have been living on such a beautiful planet! The mountains, plains, trees, landscapes are breathtaking but what lies below the water is another world altogether; as one has rightly said – the sea is full of stars!

If you agree with this statement, then snorkeling and scuba diving have to be on your bucket list. And when it comes to these activities, Aqaba in Jordan is one that you should never miss.


Dive not for life to escape but for life not to escape in Aqaba


For a really long time, the Red Sea has been famous for diving amidst the experts, all thanks to the wonderful diversity that it offers. From vast schools of fish to popular second world war wrecks, from technicolor soft corals to deep unexplored caves, you will find it all here!

Why Aqaba?


Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan and lies on the edge of the Red Sea. It is easily accessible by road and boasts many comfortable hotels and resorts. The weather is usually mild in Aqaba, so you can plan any time of the year, and of course, it holds all kinds of treasure that the Red Sea is famous for!

When is the best time to dive in Aqaba?

Though the climate is pretty mild over the entire year so one can plan anytime, but the best times to visit are during the winters. Mid-January to mid-May is something one should target for pleasant temperatures of the water and the surroundings. Even the autumn season is popular amongst divers i.e., October-November.

You should ideally avoid the months of June to September if you are not a fan of higher temperatures. December usually gets extremely cold and has a risk of thunderstorms so it would be wise to avoid that too!

Where to dive in Aqaba?


There are three main diving locations in Aqaba, namely, North Bay, Visitor’s Bay and South Bay. At these three locations also the sites available are:

  • North Bay: Power Station, First Bay – North, First Bay – South, and Ee Garden
  • Visitors’ Bay: King Abdullah Reef, Black Rock, Cable Reef, Rainbow Reef, Cedar Pride, Tarmac Five, Japanese Gardens, Gorgon 1, and Gorgon 2
  • South Bay: Seven Sisters, New Canyon – Oliver’s Canyon, Yellowstone Reef, Blue Coral, Kiwi Reef, Moon Valley & Puffer Rock, Paradise, Coral Garden


scuba diving


Which are the best locations to dive?

With so many different dive locations, one may just end up being confused. Don’t worry we will make it a tad bit easier to choose the dive sites. Here are 7 best dive sites to choose from:

  • Japanese Garden
  • Cedar Pride Wreck
  • First Bay
  • The Aquarium and Coral gardens
  • Seven Sisters
  • Kiwi Reef
  • Paradise


Japanese Garden:

Level: Novice

Just south of another famous dive site, Cedar Pride Wreck, Japanese Garden has large coral heads including black corals. You will also spot lionfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, and huge schools of snapper.

Angel fish


Cedar Pride Wreck:

Level: Intermediate

It is an artificial reef that came into existence when a Lebanese freighter, Cedar Pride, sank in the Red Sea. Now, the shipwreck, the soft corals as well as fish schools coming in to catch sunlight have made this spot ideal for divers.


First Bay:

Level: Novice

Suitable for beginners, this site is actually a reef plateau with sandy channels and rich fire coral. Towards the southern side of the site, you can check our Cazar Reef, which is known for black coral trees.


The Aquarium and Coral Gardens:

Level: Intermediate

Home to breathtaking fringing reefs and a giant wall of fire corals, the Aquarium is a must-visit. Located adjacent to the Aquarium towards the south is the famous Coral Gardens where you can spot a variety of sea creatures like reef fish, sea horses, and moray eels.

Sea horses


Seven Sisters:

Level: Novice

Another perfect site to explore a wreck, this time it is an American army tank lying at the seabed which definitely catches every divers curiosity. The coral formations and the marine life that the wreck has attracted also adds to the delight.

Underwater Army Tank
Image source: Alex Dawson / Caters News


Kiwi Reef:

Level: Novice

If you love diving for marine life, then this is the spot for you. You will see wide coral growth as well as sea creatures like stingrays, octopuses, turtles, and nudibranchs amongst many other fishes. You can indulge in some underwater photography here as well and preserve the memories for eternity.

Sting Ray



Level: Intermediate

Also known as Ashraf’s Grotto, this site hosts multicolor corals, and a wide variety of fishes, making it ideal for underwater photography. If you continue diving deeper, you will find a cave that will reveal several rare marine life species.

Coral reefs


Now, that you know everything about diving in Aqaba, don’t wait anymore. Plan your travel now and experience marine life like never before.


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