Abu Dhabi – The Gateway for Exotic Weekend Getaways


Abu Dhabi, a charming haven for the weary and hungered souls. An idyllic refuge to nourish yourself after a battering week of work. Maybe Dubai is the hallmarked glamorous city with a business suave and the astonishing, social-medial-favorite Burj Khalifa. But Abu Dhabi is where the traditions still brew and cultures still thrive. And where you and your family can rest, just for the weekend.

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi’s position on the Arabian Gulf makes it endowed heavily with white beaches and a stark, mesmerizing blue of the ocean. And the shiny, polished streets are clad in towering skyscrapers, extravagant shopping arenas like Marina Malls, and fun, adventurous places like Ferrari World and Warner Bros World. Along with glimpses of the fascinating Arab history and culture that weaves through its many heritage sites, like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Heritage Village and Empty Quarter Desert.

White mosque

So a weekend getaway quite deserves a visit to Abu Dhabi, where you can just lay back and treat yourself to a throng of luxury resorts. Be it overlooking the glittery coastline, or a barren, enchanting desert island.


The Ideal Getaway Resorts in Abu Dhabi

Zara Nurai Island:

Aerial view of the island
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Just a 15-minute boat ride away from the city’s Saadiyat Island, this is a private boutique island detached from the city’s cacophony and bustle. 

What can you find? 

Gorgeous beach villas and luxurious resorts overlooking the azure ocean deck up the island beautifully, along with five world-class lavishing restaurants. And grassy island parks also have swept up much of the island, so you can take leisurely walks down the canopied paths. Or just saunter along the orange-white shores languidly in the evenings, a peacefulness emanating from it. 

Hotel food with an unbarred ocean view
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What can you do?

Besides these strolls, there are also many exciting activities you can participate in for your weekend resort visit. Like, scuba diving, snorkeling, waterboarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding etc, so no trace of boredom will reach you.

Woman strolling down with a bicycle
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Saadiyat Island:


Located near Reem and Al Maryah Island, Saadiyat Island is just seven minutes away from downtown Abu Dhabi. 

What can you find/do? 

This sprawling island is an exquisite place, the most natural island of the Middle East. It is soon to be grown into a major cultural and luxurious touristy hub of Abu Dhabi.  The Arabic architecture flecked all over the island is riveting, to say the least. 

Interior of Louvre

The beautiful and gasp-wrenching Louvre Abu Dhabi, an artistic panorama, is located here. And the Zayed National Museum and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi are on the brink of arrival under the new project. Five-star hotels, fascinating villa complexes, and pristine, high-flying restaurants, facing the turquoise water of the shores, make it a drooly vacation spot. Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas is one of those architectural wonders.

Resort pool

Sir Bani Yas Island:


It is deep inside the lovely trenches of Abu Dhabi, the turquoise of the ocean left behind the furthest. 

What can you find?

A secluded forested island sequestered from city life, this island is what you envisage when you want to lose yourself on a weekend getaway. The Arabian Wildlife Park occupies two-third of the island in its dense, tree-carpeted acres. You can find troops of wildlife traipsing around, like Arabian Oryx, cheetahs, giraffes, gazelles, etc, hiking the animal population up to thousands. A safari guide can take you through the park, and then help you navigate around the ruins of the only Christian Monastery, an ancient construction of 600 AD.

And of course, there are the Antara group’s three beautiful resorts: the sprawling Desert Island Resort and Spa with the Arabian Gulf on its side, Al Sahel Resort with gorgeous safari-style villas amid blooming flora and fauna, and Al Yamm Resort, which is almost a fishing village.


Al Maryah Island:


Formerly known as Sowwah Island, this is Abu Dhabi’s financial and business hub as well as a culmination of all touristy hullabaloo. 

What can you find?

Luxury hotels and grand dining experiences make it an attractive prospect for staying in. The Sowwah Square is a picturesque arena, the center of the island. Its waterfront promenade has breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf, while the Rosewood Abu Hotel is enchantingly exotic and plush. And the Four Seasons Hotel is fanned out in all its grandeur overlooking the Gulf. And then there is the Galleria Mall, a massive affair of a shopping experience, curating for all of your luxurious tastes.


Jebel Hafit Desert Park:

Desert road


This desert is at the foothill of the Jebel Hafit Mountain, the city’s tallest peak. It is another treasure, with a seemingly relentless spread of sand interspersed with centuries-old archeological sites. 

What can you find?

It is a proud manifestation of the region’s rich history and biodiversity. Many charming historical remnants like 5000-year-old Jebel Hafit tombs have been shoveled up for display, worn of time and sheathed with an intriguing past. Not only that, but this UNESCO site also has offers of camel riding, hiking, biking and other outdoorsy activities lined up for you on a good sunny day.

Camp lights

Abu Dhabi is, no doubt, a plush and welcoming destination for claiming your next vacation, even for a weekend. Wonderful luxury resorts, exquisite dining, with a beatific panorama of the turquoise ocean will leave you no room for regrets. Book your tickets now, with Rehlat and its offer of flat 10% off on all hotels! Apply coupon SUPER10.


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