You cannot resist taking a bite of this cloud!


As you wander in the narrow alleyways of northern India, you come across multiple street-vendors who possess an edible landscape of clouds. Yes, you read it right, edible clouds with a dash of pistachios, almonds, and saffron. 

Daulat-ki-chaat, which translates to ‘money snack’ is made of thick creamy milk and has a foamy texture that melts in your mouth. 


Daulat-ki-chaat – A dessert as light as a snowflake!


How is it prepared? 

The recipe of this exquisite dessert has been passed down for generations, and the current generation takes immense pride in the same. Legend has it that the dish has to be prepared on a long moonlit night to achieve perfection. The rationale behind this legend is that the cold weather of night suits the dessert, which otherwise spoils quickly. The moonlight was needed to see the process during the days when electricity was not commonplace. 

To prepare Daulat-ki-chaat full cream milk is boiled and cooled down. After transferring the milk to the earthen pot, extra cream is added. The earthen pot soaks the dew formed in the cold nights and aerates the milk naturally. 

The process of churning the milk starts early in the morning and in olden days was a strenuous manual job. Today with several electronic types of equipment, the task has become more comfortable. The foam formed due to churning is collected. 

The light foam is garnished generously with pistachios, almonds, powdered sugar, and sometimes with Indian ricotta cheese (khoya). 




Where to find it?


The different varieties of this dish are available only during winters in northern India. It is called Malaiyo in Varanasi, Malai Makhan in Kanpur and Nimish in Lucknow. 

The sweet cannot survive in hot weathers as it collapses and loses taste immediately. So visit India during cold winters and enjoy this melt-in-your-mouth cloud!



Just like Daulat-ki-chaat, India is home to many delectable street foods. Don’t miss trying them out. 



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