Upside Down – A Forest Inside a Lake in Kazakhstan

Lakes are beautiful and so are forests. But, when you see one inside the other, it sounds scarily beautiful. Presenting you the pretty yet eerie Kaindy Lake in Saty, Kazakhstan. A complete forest is drowned inside the lake upside down. The trees jutting out of the clear blue water of the lake is like a sci-fi movie.

How the forest went inside the lake?

This magnificent drowned forest in lake was created in 1911 due to a massive 7.7 magnitude Kebin earthquake. The earthquake had destroyed more than 700 buildings and triggered a massive limestone landslide that formed this natural dam. With time, rain and water from nearby area created the lake and covered the trees that grew there.

Lake Kaindy is around 2,000 meters above sea level, the water is very cold. The temperature remains around 6 degree Celsius even in summer too. This cold temperature helps to preserve the submerged trees. This is the reason why the trees have remained intact since decades.

How to Reach Lake Kaindy?

Lake Kaindy is only about 130 kms from Almaty, one of Kazakhstan’s major cities. The area is hence easily accessible by private buses and cabs.


Other Major Attractions of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, a former Soviet Republic, is a vast and rarely explored country. The country has many sights that must be seen to believe the beauty of this amazing country.


  • The Singing Dunes in Atlyn Emel National Park
  • Sharyn (or Charyn) Canyon
  • Aral Sea
  • Ski resort of Shymbulak
  • Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center
  • Turkistan
  • The Steppe
  • Baikonur Cosmodrome
  • Aktau

Ski Resort

Best Time to Visit Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a year-round destination, with hiking and sightseeing in summer and skiing in winter. Winters are cold with snowfall all around. The ideal time to visit is between April and October.


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