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The Pearl of the Orient, Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. The city, which often was just being seen as a stopover to go island hopping in Philippines is now a tourist destination by itself. Thanks to the multinational companies that have put the sprawling metropolis in the world tourist map. From Spanish colonial architecture to modern architectural marvels to the age-old horse-drawn carriages, the city has everything you’re looking for.

7 Reasons Why Manila Should Feature in Your Travel Wish List


Feel Colonial Heritage at Spanish Old Town of Intramuros

Manila Horse Carriage Ride

The oldest district and historic town in Manila has Spanish influences all over. Don’t miss Fort Santiago and the huge park in this area. You can walk around or ride a horse-drawn carriage.

Note: Horse drawn carriages are known as Kalesa and the charge is around $3.

Stroll in The World’s First Chinatown, the Binondo

Binondo Manila Chinatown

Binondo is an exquisite spot to stimulate your senses with the food, shopping, and the nostalgia from the gone era. Just walk along the cluttered streets and watch the locals going around with their routine tasks.

Quiapo Market

Quiapo Market

The area around Quiapo Church in Manila bustles with a local market every Friday with the church goers lighting candles & vendors trying to sell junky items.

Walk around the Quiapo Market and explore the infinite shopping options.

Manila Bay Waterfront

Manila Bay Waterfront

Situated just outside the Mall of Asia, Manila Bay is the perfect place to watch the sunset. Huge crowd can be a letdown but the sun set and the ice cream carts and local vendor make the time all worth it.

A Jeepney Ride

Jeepney Ride in Manila

A ride around the town in the rough and tough World War II jeeps is normal but epic experience for you. Mostly these Jeepney’s are crowded so be ready for some push and pull while waiting to ride these.

Go to Tagaytay


This is world’s smallest active volcano. The Mount Taal is just 2 to 3 hours away from the main town. Take a boat ride to the volcano island. It’s a journey you will cherish.

If wish for some more thrill, hike to the top which takes an hour or so. The view and fresh air will bring peace to you.

A Date with Culture & History


Want to get a first-hand view or history and culture of Manila, a tour of its many museums is a must. Some of the famous museums that should feature in your Manila itinerary are:

  1. The National Museum
  2. Casa Manila
  3. San Agustin Museum
  4. Metropolitan Museum
  5. Bahay Tsinoy
  6. Ayala Museum
  7. Yuchengco Museum
  8. Bahay Tsinoy



Time to get Manila written in your travel calendar for 2019.


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