Istanbul Trip – At a Glance

An infographic to help you plan your trip

Istanbul is a city that provides a glimpse into two beautiful continents, Asia and Europe, culturally and physically. The peculiar geographical location has contributed to the development of a unique history, culture, scent, color, architecture, food, and everything else. A city that is best of both worlds offers experiences of equal contrast. While the Bosphorus strait calms and connects the city, the hustle of the people is never-ending. The city has witnessed several dynasties, right from the Constantinople of the Roman to the Ottoman and you can’t miss the remnants of the bygone eras here. Turkish cuisine is a heady fusion and refinement of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Balkan cuisines. 

By now, you must be tempted to visit this charming city. Well, we understand. Here is an infographic that will answer most of your questions about a trip to Istanbul. 


Your Handy Istanbul Travel Guide

Istanbul Infographic

Pack your dreams and embark on a journey to this beautiful city.



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