Bahrain Grand Prix – Thrill Guaranteed!


Cars and speed – a mighty combination that brings out the adrenaline rush like no others! If they are your thing, then you definitely are a fan of the Formula 1 Championship races around the world. And March is one of the most exciting times for you!

Because it is the time for Bahrain Grand Prix, from 26th March 2021 to 28th March 2021. The Bahrain Grand Prix has many accolades to its name and has come a far way from being the first Grand Prix to be hosted in the middle east. 

Let’s look at some amazing facts of this beautiful circuit at Sakhir, Bahrain which was inaugurated in 2004. 

8 facts about Bahrain Grand Prix

Stick on me – NOT

The surface of the Bahrain International Circuit has been constructed from a special material at a great expense to provide excellent grip and needs extra effort to keep the sand off. It is a unique challenge as desert storms are very common in the area. Hence, a special adhesive is sprayed on the desert beside the circuit to minimize the blowing of sand. 

Track Changes

Bahrain International Circuit has a whopping six alternative layouts for the races. The usual layout is 5.412 km with 15 corners which has been used in all the races but one. The race of 2010 used a longer layout of 6.299 km with additional 9 corners to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Formula One Races and is known as “Endurance Circuit.” However, the Endurance Circuit received a lot of flak from the patrons for the lack of additional overtaking opportunities. Another layout known as the “Outer Loop” runs 3.543 km with 11 turns as well.

Bahrain International Circuit
Bahrain International Circuit

Lights ON

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its first race in 2004, the race was held as a night event. As many as 495 floodlights were used to light up the circuit. Bahrain Formula One Race 2014 became only the second race to do so after Singapore Grand Prix in 2008. Grand Prix held in the nights fetch double points to the racers and this particular one was won by Lewis Hamilton. 

Bahrain International Circuit at night
Bahrain International Circuit at night

Consecutive Wins

The 2012 and 2013 races at Bahrain Grand Prix went down in history for identical winners and winning positions. Sebastian Vettel took first place for Red Bull and Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean finished second and third place respectively both the years. Deja vu defined! 

The 2012 & 2013 Winners of Bahrain Grand Prix
The 2012 & 2013 Winners of Bahrain Grand Prix

Season Openers 

The Bahrain Grand Prix, right from the beginning has been honored with an early-season spot on the calendar. It has always opened second or third and twice opened in the first place. This year too, with Australian Grand Prix being postponed, Bahrain Grand Prix 2021 will open in the first place. 

Pole Position Advantage

Call it a tough circuit or a jinx, but Bahrain Grand Prix has never been won from lower than fourth on the grid. And maximum races have been won from the pole positions. Though there have been exceptions, like Kimi Raikonnen grabbing a podium place from 22nd position, pole position is definitely an advantage here!

Tradition Twist

Traditionally, Formula One Race winners celebrate by splashing champagne on the cars and the winners. However, Bahrain Grand Prix is different and the winners splash a non-alcoholic rosewater drink called Waard during the celebrations. 

Schumacher’s Turn

After the tragic skiing accident of the Formula One veteran Michael Schumacher, the first turn on Bahrain International Circuit was renamed Schumacher’s turn to honor the Champion. A fitting tribute to the first winner of the Circuit, isn’t it?

Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher

All excited about Bahrain Grand Prix, then start planning your trip now to this wonderful and nail-biting experience. 



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