Trace Your Way Off the Beaten Path in Germany

Germany is a country where you will find something to catch your attention in every street, every corner. From majestic castles to strange museums, this country never misses a chance to make you fall in love with it. If you are someone who loves to explore lesser explored places, Germany is the place to be.

5 Gems of Germany that No Travel Guide Would Tell You

Neuschwanstein Castle

Did you know that the castles mentioned in the fairy tales were actually inspired by a real castle? The castle in the tale of Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty, the Cinderella castle at the Magic Kingdom, and other fairytale castles have one source of inspiration – Neuschwanstein Castle.

castleBehind the scenes:

  • The castle was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria but he died before the castle’s completion.
  • The Neuschwanstein Castle means “New Swan Stone Palace”.
  • The first stone of this castle was laid in September 1869.
  • New technology of that time was used in its construction.
  • The castle was designed not by an architect but by a theatrical set designer, Christian Jank.

When you’re there inside the castle, don’t forget Grotto Room:

Grotto Room is an artificial cave with stalactites and waterfall representing a cave from Wagner’s opera “Tannhauser.”

Monster Kabinett

True to its name, the Monster Kabinett is a perfect place for people who love eccentric stuff. It’s a robotic wonderland created by the Dead Pigeon Collective; that unsettles you with its strange art, deformed metallic sculptures, huge robotic creatures and everything that can give you nightmares.

monster kabbinetOne piece of advice:

Monster Kabinett is safe. The purpose of its construction is to instill fright in people only for the sake of amusement and pleasure; which it does very well. However, visit this place at your own risk especially if you have any health problems which might be aggravated by such an experience or if you’re someone who is easily scared.

More details:

Duh! Go and explore guys. It’s not a mystery if you know everything beforehand. At least give Monster Kabinett a chance to surprise (read “scare”) you.

Auerworld Palace

It is a unique initiative by architect Marcel Kalberer and his group Sanfte Strukturen. They design modern spaces by using building materials and techniques differently. How? Well, you will have to see that for yourself.

  • It was built in 1998 in Auerstedt, Germany and was in fact the first “willow palace” project undertaken by the group.
  • 300 volunteers helped in its construction.
  • It is now more than ten years old.

monster kabbinetAncient Techniques, Modern Art:

Auerworld Palace is made from trees, reeds, green branches and plants woven together. This is actually an ancient technique that was used to build Sumerian reed houses by Mesopotamians.

Dance away to the moon:

Auerworld Festivals or full moon dance parties have been going on here since the day of its creation. So dance to the beat or off-beat underneath the “moony” sky.

Kunsthofpassage Singing Drain Pipes

It is an amazing piece of art in the “Courtyard of Elements” in Dresden that creates music when it rains. Singing drain pipes are a part of the Kunsthofpassage series that is an art experiment.

166290-KunsthofpassageBecause it’s good to know:

  • This art experiment was actually undertaken by the tenants living in the apartments where the works are installed.
  • Singing drain pipes was inspired by Rube Goldberg Machine.
  • There are many other mind-boggling art installations.


Spreewald was recognized as an official Biosphere Reserve area in 1991 by UNESCO. Here, you get to experience different types of landscapes within 200 sq. miles- woodlands, meadows, arid climates and soggy wetlands.

SpreewaldBecause knowledge is meant to be shared:

  • Over 18,000 known species of flora and fauna are found here.
  • There are over 200 man-made irrigation channels in Spreewald; the most intricate river system in Germany.

Because it’s better to be well-prepared:

  • There are several guided tours and expeditions available in Spreewald for your convenience. So you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • Enjoy your expedition in flat-bottomed boats that will take you from one kind of ecology to another.
  • Remember to bring extra pair of clothes as you will have to change according to the type of ecology.

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