Adventure Seekers! Check Out These Nail-Biting Escapades

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When it comes to traveling, some holidays may offer a chance to a journey into the wilderness while others offer extreme sports, some are filled with challenging activities while others are informative, entertaining, or just simply visually appealing. It is all about how you like to relax. If you are an Adventure Junkie and a Thrill Seeker then it is necessary for you to visit some unusual places with incredible nature and get some adventure experience to feed your craving soul. For experiencing such a vacation that matches your curiosity, desire for newness, sense of adventure we’ve got a few suggestions for you. Make your travel happen with these cool holiday ideas.

Top 6 Destinations that Spell Adventure

#1 Egypt – Dive Into The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole in Dahab gained some notoriety as it’s hard to say how many people have lost their lives in there. The deadly dive site is potentially dangerous but still cannot keep the divers away from the shore dive because of travelers’ enthusiasm towards finding the utter mystery of being in the ocean and all the surprises that this great site holds in store. If you are eager to explore the unusually structured, coral-lined, 394-foot-deep underwater sinkhole, and take up a unique challenge, then you got to experience this ‘bucket-list’ dive.

Blue Hole Diving

Tip: It is very easy to get to Blue Hole. You may book a trip by tour operators or just take a taxi from nearby hotels. It’s only a few minute long walk from the dropping point to the shore.

Location: Dahab, Egypt.

#2 Iceland – Descend Inside The Volcano

How cool it sounds when you listen to a phrase like – ‘volcano with an open entrance’? Thrihnukagigur volcano is the most unique excursion and the only volcano of the world you can actually go inside of it. It’s more exciting when you descend inside the volcano and explore its magma chamber and amazing colorations of the rock in hues of red, yellow and purple. As you walk across lava fields and enter the volcano your adrenaline gets pumped up, and the whole experience leaves you with nothing but a feeling of ‘journey to the center of the earth’. Not to worry! The volcano has not erupted since the second century BC.

Iceland Volcano Tour

Best Time To Visit: Conditions in Iceland make it impossible to operate the tour from May until September due to the heavy snowfall. So get there during the rest of the year – summers.

Location: Blafjoll Mountains, just a 30 minutes drive from Reykjavik, Iceland.

#3 Dubai – Dinner In The Sky

Enjoy a delectable blend of fine flavors, exquisite views and a sense of adventure while you’re “Floating” above the ordinary. No matter which seat you are in, you are guaranteed an Instagramable view. The gravity-defying ‘Dinner in the Sky’ brings a whole new one-of-a-kind epicurean memory – a blanket of breathtaking fog beneath covering Dubai roads, giving the city an ethereal appearance. Won’t that be a heavenly sight to behold? Stunning views of Dubai Marina, Atlantis The PalmBurj Al Arab, and Burj Khalifa takes the overall experience to a next level.

Dubai Dinner in the Sky
P.C: DreamTour

Location: Entrance of Dubai Marina. For all reservations, Click here.

 #4  Mexico – Swim Through The Cenotes

If you are an advanced diver with a great buoyancy control then sure you can take up this adventurous ride. Cenote Dream Gate is world renowned and one of the most surreal cenotes. It is immersed in the Mayan jungle surrounded by an exuberant flora and fauna. This underground cavity with crystalline waters is challenging as you have to make your way and swim between thousands of the huge calcareous columns, stalagmites, and stalactites. The fact is that the whole set-up is very fragile and you really got to be careful about not colliding yourself against the columns.

Mexico Cenotes

Location: About 10 minutes north of Tulum, Mexico

#5 Abu Dhabi – Roam In The Arabian Wildlife Park

This Wildlife Park is an excellent facility sheltering over 100 species of animals. Whether it be a guided Nature and Wildlife Drives or Walks, Horse riding or Mountain Biking you can’t just stop telling to yourself – “What an adventure!”

AbuDhabi Wildlife

Traverse the varied landscape of the Arabian Wildlife Park spread over 1,400 hectares of land area, and lay your eyes on the beautiful free-roaming wildlife like the Cheetahs, Flamingos, Giraffes, Arabian leopards, Oryxes, snakes including the venomous vipers in this unique open environment. Want more? How about trying mountain-biking? Take a variety of exciting on and off-road trails through the Arabian Wildlife Park, wadis, beaches, and lagoons. Sure! this would complete you.

For Easy Access: Guests at the boutique Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara can take Nature & Wildlife Drives of the park in specially made vehicles accompanied by expert staff.

Location: Sir Bani Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

#6 Morocco – Hike The Atlas Mountains

Day hikes through the Atlas Mountains are a real way to explore Morocco. The Atlas Mountains are a unique desirable destination and no mountains in the world are as massive and untamed as these. Summiting Mt. Toubkal – the highest peak in both the Atlas Mountains and North Africa – is an achievement and a dream come true experience for most of the serious trekkers.

Atlas Mountains Hiking

On the way of your climb, a unique view of the alien landscape, peaceful Berber inhabitants, dusty cliff tracks, villages situated on the green scenic deep valleys untouched by modernity altogether create a powerful sense of serenity and nostalgia.

Need to know:

  • The pathway to the summit is near-vertical, and walking this section is neither pleasant, nor easy, and yet definitely doable with no previous experience. So make sure you have strong determination before you start.
  • Always hire a professionally qualified guide for your trail and personal safety.

Location: Morocco, North Africa

Just can’t get enough? We’ve got a bunch piled up here. Sure, we did miss out something! Tell us your favorite adventures that you always dreamt of in the comments section below.

Disclaimer – Aa-Aah! You can’t skip reading this

It’s true, that adventurous getaways are quite a fun thing to do. But at the same time, few activities court significant dangers if they are not explored properly with proper precautions taken. It’s really hilarious to listen to a few friends of mine who are ‘Adventure Zeals’. They keep saying this one thing – “Only the sky is the limit for our adventure venturing”. But no! We’ve got ‘Only Earth’ to live with and possibly only once. So better keep your feet to the ground and limit yourself from becoming extinct. Don’t take any extra step that would turn the entire fun situation into a life-gambling sport. After all, you don’t want to vacate your seat in this world just for fun.

Happy Adventure! Happy Safety!

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