Gear Up for Adventures on the World’s Longest Rail Route


Trans-Siberian rail route is the longest in the world going across seven time zones. If you’ve ever wanted to go on an unusual adventure, hopping on this train is the answer to all your prayers. So, get on the amazing Trans-Siberian Railway and explore these off-beat stop-overs along the way for an experience like never before.


5 Unusual Cities to Explore On Trans-Siberian Rail Route




Perm is a city by the Kama River that beams with natural beauty and boasts of a museum dedicated to modern art. Nature has blessed this city in such a manner that no matter when you visit it, you will find yourself enchanted by its beauty. You won’t be disappointed to break your Trans-Siberian Railway journey for a day or two in this lovely city.




Often seen just as a stepping stone to go to Baikal, this city has a lot to offer for those who are keen on exploring. Irkutsk is a laid back town with well-preserved wooden architecture from the 19th century. Take a break from your journey here and feel the pulse of this town.




It’s the snowiest place along the banks of the world’s biggest lake, Baikal. For those who’re into snowboarding and skiing, this is the place to be. Baikalsk is a perfect place to pause for a few days from your Trans-Siberian rail journey and have fun with your snowboards by the frozen lake.


Bukhta Peschanaya

Bukhta Peschanaya

Baikal is a lake that retains its unique charm in both winters as well as summer. During winters, it freezes into crystal clear ice while during summer, the ice melts into crystal clear water making it perfect to take a swim. If beach is your thing, then you must hop off at Bukhta Peschanaya.




Apart from being one of the oldest cities in Russia, it is also one of the Golden Ring cities that surround Russia’s capital, Moscow. What makes Vladimir a stop-over that is worth mentioning is the fact that is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and definitely an interesting place to explore.

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