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6 Exciting Places To Visit In Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the countries that is mentioned in geographical textbooks all around the world for an apparent reason that equator passes through the land of Ecuador. There is definitely a lot more to this country than the equator. Brimming with scenic landscapes, dense rain forests, pristine beaches, rich history, and heritage, artistic architecture, and delicious cuisine Ecuador offers something for…

Experience the ‘Land of Rising Sun’ to the fullest

Japan is one of the enigmatic countries in the world. In the olden times, when the world was not as well connected as it is today, Japan was isolated for a long time owing to its geographical location. These conditions helped Japan develop a distinct culture and way of living, which is extremely fascinating to witness. Japan is a potent blend of traditional Pagoda architecture to modern skyscrapers. It is…

Do You Have What It Takes to Visit These Ghost Towns?

Do mysterious places ignite your interest? If yes, then a trip to the historical abandoned towns is just your kind of thing. The settlements are deserted due to many reasons such as war, natural disaster, economic decline, chemical radiation, etc. Many of the ghost towns from the past have now been turned into tourist sites, but there are still some, where entry is restricted. Let us take a look at some of…

These pools are prettier than Infinity pools

China is home to many beautiful tourist attractions, but currently, the travertine pools of Huanglong are ruling the world of Instagram. Located in the Minshan mountain range, Huanglong is around 370 km north-northwest of the capital Chengdu. This scenic area of Huanglong was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992. Get dazzled with colorful terraced pools of Huanglong Thousands…

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