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Just in! Staycation is the new vacation.

Staycations are all the rage these days. But what exactly are staycations? Staycations are vacations but without ever having to step out of your city or town.  You may think that staycations are not worth it, but I’m here to tell you that it is the best. Maybe even better than vacations. Vacations are stressful and a hassle to plan. Sometimes it takes months of planning even to book a ticket. And after…

Etihad & Emirates Resumes Passenger Flights from Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Highlights Emirates resumes flights from April 6 Etihad commences flights from April 5 Initial Emirates flights to operate from Dubai to London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich and Brussels Initial Etihad flights to commence from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne, Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Amsterdam Stringent entry restrictions, however, remains across the world; travelers are…

12 Movies That Will Take You across the World, As You Stay Home During the Lockdown

Given the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, being lockdown is not an option anymore; it's a necessity now. But it is not necessary you have to put your travel plans on hold. There are movies that offer the chance to explore the world from the comfort of your couch. Here are the top 12 movies that combine destinations with a dash of entertainment.  Top 12 Movies That Will Take You Virtually across the…

5 Places That Inspire You To Pick Up a Hobby!

The infamous COVID19 outbreak has shaken the whole world. We are living the times that we had only imagined or seen in movies. But it is the need of the hour to socially distance ourselves and stay home. So it is time to quarantine yourself.  But it does not mean you cannot dream or think of the beautiful places during this quarantine time. In fact, we feel that dreaming about exotic places will inspire…

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