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Holiday in Austria: Cultural Vienna or Striking Salzburg?

Vienna and Salzburg - both these European destinations are worthy contenders if you’re looking for a perfect holiday in Austria for the memories and for some nice additions for your albums too. With their own fascinating historical marvels, distinct cultures, and social philosophies that are exciting to witness – Vienna and Salzburg are two cities in Austria that attract several visitors every year.…

Top 5 Turkish Traditional Festivals that Celebrate the Culture Like None Else

Festivals are a vibrant part of Turkish life, from historical to traditional, gastronomic to cultural. In fact, every day in Turkey is a festival but there are few traditional festivals that mirror the actual culture of the country that has its footprints in two continents. Here are some of the most popular Turkish traditional festivals.                            Top 5 Turkish Traditional Festivals…

Magical and Mysterious Sintra: Witness 1,000 Years of History in 1 Day

Nestled high in the mountains, Sintra isn’t just wonderful Portuguese destination, it’s one of the most enchanting cities in the world. With historical palaces, numerous fortifications, and mysterious pathways, Sintra near the capital city of Lisbon is a long time royal destination. From the Moors, medieval royalty, to the European jet-set, people have flocked to this charming resort town for more than a…

Father’s Day Gift Idea That is Definitely Better Than A Personalized Coffee Mug

What are you gifting your dad this Father's Day? Break free from the same old necktie, watch, or coffee mug to something unique but great. Go travel with him to make some great memories and some time spent well. Plan a travel trip and show your father how special he is to you. From road trip to an adventure-filled holiday, gift your dad the best ever travel experiences that he would lock the best moments…



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