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Just for Laughs – Travel is Fun

There are some situations that all travelers have gone through at least once in their lives. Here’s a dose of laughter for all the travelers. Laugh Your Heart out When you’ve finally saved enough for that dream destination trip When people ask, has leaving the comfort of your home and travelling to faraway lands been worth it When you finally get your visa for…

Puglia: The Sun-bleached Heel of Italy

Occupying the heel of Italy’s boot and coastline, Puglia is the best bet for travelers seeking to avoid crowded regions like Tuscany. It is a favored escape within Italy with long sandy beaches, beautiful coastal towns, tantalizing cuisine, etc. which altogether makes Puglia the perfect choice for a seaside family holiday. Take a look why it must be your next destination for your holiday with family. Why…

Italy’s Best Kept Secret is Out!

Rome, Florence, Milan, & Venice often take top position in Italy itinerary but as they say, a country's own self lies in its countryside. Naples is the beautiful Italian city which has an amazing country side and is the best choice to experience true taste of the country. Thanks to its cobblestone streets and authentic food – the city has entirely different vibes than touristy Rome and modernistic…

Pink, White, or Yellow – These Colourful Beaches Redefine Beauty

Nature never fails to surprise us. Though green dominates, there are many other colours making nature as beautiful as it can get. The colourful beaches across the world testify for the above claim that I have made. Yes, you read it right! White beaches are not the only jewel. There are several colourful beaches that are sure to take your breath away. Top 5 Colourful Beaches in the World   Pink Sands…

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