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Explore Fethiye – The Turkey Island that is Hiding from the World

With stunning turquoise beaches and sunshine, Fethiye is the summer paradise that is Turkey's best kept secret. Fethiye is a little overgrown village liberally sprinkled with resorts, restaurants, cafés, shops, etc. From lazing on seashore to exploring the amazing canyons, and flying over the picturesque Blue Lagoon to enjoying the beach activities, this Turquoise Coast has a wealth of attractions that keep…

Beirut’s Most Unique Architecture – Travel + Leisure + Art

Sandwiched between Europe and Middle-East, Beirut has always been the most popular celebrity with its rich cultural background. Whether it is Phoenician, Roman, Ottoman or Colonial heritage – Beirut lobbies everything to shine like a new penny and attracts even a most occasional traveler. Top 5 Best Architecture Sites from Beirut Sursock Palace   Image Source: New York Times Beirut's grandest town…

5 things that makes Dubai quite happening place for a weekend

When it comes to planning your weekend, should it always end up doing your laundry, scheduling a doctor’s appointment or getting done with your plumber work? How boring! Although it is just a matter of 48 hours, every second counts to unwind you from your routine. So, don’t wait another minute! Get set your travel pack and book your flight to Dubai this weekend. Well known for its phenomenal skyline,…

You Must Know! Coolest Travel Tips for an ‘Easy-Wiezee’ Holiday Time

It’s always super exciting to travel. But, traveling could be a bag of stumble blocks especially when you are venturing into a new place. Anything could happen if you don’t make sure that you’ve made the ‘planning part’ well. Missing out travel essentials, falling sick during your vacation, getting lost on the obscure routes, not able get an accommodation and left with beach as the only option – None of…



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