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Win The Amazing Crystal Maze Prize at Riyadh Season

Saudi Arabia has astounded the world with its home-grown arts, culture, and sporting events, happening in this year's Riyadh Season. After days of alternating between close-downs and reopenings, Saudi welcomed the world to witness one of the greatest shows ever, the Riyadh Season 2021. We have brought all the zones, highlights, and exclusive offers together. Have a close look at it here.  The Season,…

Here’s why you should visit the Winter Wonderland in Riyadh Season!

Riyadh has been hitting headlines with its most anticipated and successful event, the Riyadh Season! Kicked-off from last October, the show witnessed over 7 million visitors thus far. That’s no small feat!  We have been covering all the Riyadh Season spectacles comprehensively from the beginning, and in case you have missed out on any of our updates, find them here.  A journey through the Winter…

Combat Field – Live through the action of history at Riyadh Season

Are you someone who loves action and adventure? Do you get animated watching war movies or while playing combat games? Then, you shouldn’t miss visiting the Combat Field in this year’s Riyadh Season. A mammoth 310,000 sq.m space is all out there for you to explore! One of the 14 zones of this season, the Combat field guarantees live-action games, adventures, and other electrifying events. According to…

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