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Top 7 Things to do with your Seoulmate in the Capital of South Korea

Love makes any place look beautiful but when you are in Seoul, it really is. With history of over 2,000 years, the city has an amazing historic monuments, sightseeing attractions, countless neighborhoods and a fascinating culture – all these make this city the favorite world city. Shopping and dining are the highlights one notices on a glance at Seoul. But the city has more to that. There’s lot…

New Year is Not Celebrated on 1st January in These 5 Countries

Do you know not all countries and cultures celebrate New Year's Day on January 1? Most of the countries follow the Gregorian calendar, with 365 days, or 12 months in a year, and leap years to boot.  The year ends on December 31 and begins on January 1. But there are several countries and cultures that celebrate New Year later in the year and not on 1st Jan.  These countries and cultures follow…

Best of Salalah in Two Days

Salalah is situated in the southern part of Dhofar. This Omani city carries centuries of history and has much to offer when it comes to tourism. We have curated a 48 hour itinerary for you to enjoy the best of Salalah in two days. Before you leave for Salalah The best time to visit Salalah is during rainy season from June to September. Book your stay in advance to get a good deal on hotels.…

Explore India’s Sweet Tooth

India is a country where you will find different kinds of food in every region. And when it comes to sweet, there’s no other place like the Indian subcontinent. There are hundreds (probably thousands) of sweet dishes and desserts in every corner of this country that are sure to make a foodie fall in love with Indian desserts. Top 5 Mouth Watering Desserts of India Gulab Jamun This is one…

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