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Friday Scoop of Tales – Part 11

Once upon a time, there lived a tanner in a far off village in Italy. One day, he went to a hunter to get the skin of a bear. However, the stock of the bearskins was over. So the hunter took the advance from him and asked him to come the next day. The hunter told the tanner that he planned to go hunting the following day and would get him a fresh bear hide. The tanner had always been curious about the act…

Coffee with Cotton Candy that Rains Sugar

We’re living in a world where the visual appeal of food has become an essential ingredient in any recipe. The Instagram worthy images of food and drink are ruling the social media platforms and contribute a lot to the sales quotient of a particular restaurant. As a result, restaurants have also started to experiment with the “food looks” to satisfy the generation where everyone wants to become an influencer…

6 Places Every History Buff Should Visit in Bahrain

You need to set foot on the Kingdom of Bahrain at least once in your lifetime. This Middle Eastern archipelago has so much to offer when it comes to tourism that it’s almost impossible to imagine that a country which occupies such a small landmass can have so many attractions. Find out more about what used to be a focal point of the ancient civilization of Dilmun. 6 Bahrain Attractions for History…

One Dish That Unites the Middle East – The Humble & Exquisite Hummus

There has been an argument for years as to where Hummus really came from. Is it Arab or Greek? When it was first made and where did it originate? These are tough questions to answer, but the one thing that you cannot deny is that it’s delicious. That’s the reason perhaps so many different countries are fighting to make it their own. Origin of Hummus No one knows for sure the definitive history…

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Celebrate Eid in Bahrain

Celebrate Eid in Bahrain





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