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Best Places for Solo Travellers

Are you planning to take a break from your routine life and go on a solo trip but can’t make up your mind about where to go? Fear not. We’ve got you covered. Go through our specially curated list of destinations for solo travellers and pick the one that resonates with your interests. Top 5 Places for Solo Travellers Copenhagen, Denmark This waterside city is charismatic in every…

Need A Reason to Visit Namibia?

Namibia is a country that boasts of extraordinary scenery, endless activities, vast wildlife reserves, picturesque desert, and a lot more. The attractions that this country offers are second to none and are sure to make your trip a memorable one. 5 Best Attractions of Namibia The Fish River Canyon Africa’s largest canyon which is also home to the longest interior river in…

Green Book: Inspiration Behind the Oscar Winning Movie

Green Book, the film that won the Oscar for the Best Picture in the 91st Academy Awards. It is set in 19th century America when the discrimination between “Whites” and “Blacks” was quite rampant. Even taking a road trip was a privilege back then because many establishments refused to serve the Black population with signs such as “Whites only” dangling outside their buildings. It was difficult for people…

Cable Cars Changed the Path of This Colombian City

Time magazine had named Medellin, “The Most Dangerous City in the World” some 20 years ago. But now the story has taken a turn. Medellin, the Colombian city, today is one of the safest cities in the world. With high tech urban development projects, opening Colombia’s first metro system and cable cars to serve the neighborhoods, Medellin is becoming one of the “IT” cities in the world, with tourists…

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