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The birthplace of Saudi Arabia has many stories and sights waiting for you. Listen to the walls and winds of Diriyah to know these stories. Under the first Saudi dynasty, Diriyah served as the capital of the Emirate of Diriyah, the first Saudi state, from 1744 to 1818. It is located just outside the current Saudi capital, Riyadh. Riyadh, the current capital of Saudi Arabia, is one of the country’s most popular and largest cities. The metropolis is a place that preserves the past of Saudi Arabia and moves forward at a fast pace to the future. Diriyah and Riyadh are treasure troves for those with wanderlust. Here is a chance for you to explore authentic Arabia. 

If you’re planning a visit to Doha, the good news is that Diriyah and Riyadh are just an hour from Doha, Qatar. With one trip you will be able to see and explore two countries and two major cities! They are ideal for a family vacation, a friends’ get-together trip, or a romantic getaway.

Experience the Essence of Saudi Arabia


Diriyah was formed on the oasis that split from the banks of Wadi Hanifa and curved around Riyadh’s boundaries. The desert city once was a bustling hub of culture and business. The history of Saudi Arabia echoes in every part of Diriyah, whereas on the other hand, Riyadh will show you the fast paced life and future of Saudi at its best! 

This article will help you to know more about authentic Arabia.


Al Turaif

History Nestles Here!

Al Turaif District has over three hundred years of history and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is a significant historical and architectural stop in Diriyah. The Turaif at Diriyah, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was historically a hub for commerce and pilgrims and is where the first Saudi state was founded. After being named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010, the Al-Turaif ruins have undergone a thorough process to revive their historical significance. Many heritage-rich, must-see locations are accessible at Diriyah to the public even though the work is currently ongoing. 


Souq Al-Zal

Time To Get The Souvenirs!

All shopaholics, attention please! Paying a visit to the beautiful Souq Al-Zal is going to be a treat for you. The market dates back to 1901, at the outset of Saudi Arabia’s modern era. Not far from the Masmak Fortress, the Souq is a treasure trove of traditional Eastern artifacts. The Souq is home to several old structures that have retained their original designs. You will understand more about authentic Arabia with a trip to this Souq, while shoppers will have an amazing experience that transports them back in time.


Masmak Fortress

Witness this beauty!

Standing tall and massive, Al Masmak serves as a proud reminder of the history of Saudi Arabia. The Fortress had witnessed the birth of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Built around 1865 and is surrounded by sand. It seems like a scene straight out of a painting. At the fortress, you will find maps and fascinating images of Saudi Arabia from 1912 to 1937. Pay a visit to this fortress to learn more about authentic Arabia and its stories.


The Boulevard

Have a fun time here!

The Boulevard is a 220-acre recreational and commercial centre in Riyadh. This destination truly comes life during the most exciting annual event, Riyadh Season, an entertainment festival that happens in Saudi Arabia. The Boulevard is a wonderful experience that everyone must have, and with so many incredible attractions the location is perfect for social interaction, and you may find amusement rides here. The landscape and décor of this boulevard will take you to a different world.


Al-Thumamah Dunes

Wanderlust and desert dust

Al-Thumamah is not the typical desert you have in your mind. It’s different and has its own beauty. The wind-sculpted dunes make it more attractive. To enjoy your trip to Al Thumamah, you can choose multiple activities. The dunes can always be explored off-road with a jeep. You can even go dune bashing on bikes if you’re feeling a little extra adventurous on the day. Enjoy your time in the desert with a spectacular bonfire with warmth, music, and light.

Diriyah and Riyadh are all about this and a lot more. These two cities are definitely worth exploring to know more about authentic Arabia. And that is why you shouldn’t be missing your chance to visit this beauty. Book your flights on Rehlat and make an unforgettable trip!

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