Most Beautiful Sunset Points in Oman

Sunset is one of the most wonderful phenomena of nature. It’s always a calming feeling to watch the sun go down into the horizon, splattering multiple hues in the sky. Oman is a country which offers mountain peaks, beaches, and valleys –all of which are perfect spots where the beauty of the sunset becomes four-fold. Here are the five best sunset points in Oman.

5 Best Sunset Points in Oman

Muscat Beaches

It’s one of a kind experience to watch the sun setting on the crystal waters of the beaches in Muscat. The golden sands along the shores complement the beauty of the sunset. When you’re in the capital of Oman, don’t miss the incredible sight at sundown in Shatti Al Qurum, Al Qantab Beach, and Al Bustan Beach.


Al Wahiba Sands

Situated in the eastern part of Oman in Al Sharqiya region, Al Wahiba is one of the most popular sandy regions in the country of Oman. It’s a wonderful place for sandboarding, star gazing, camping, and watching the sunset.


Al Jabal Al Akhdar

Located in northern Oman, Al Jabal Al Akhdar is among the well-known mountains in Al Hajar mountain range. It acquired the name “Al Jabal Al Akhdar” meaning the Green Mountain because of the plantations and terraces spread across its rocky terrain. It’s a great destination for people who love to hike, camp, and climb rocks. Climb to the mountain peak for a breathtaking view of the sun setting into the horizon.


Jebel Shams

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It is believed that the first spot where the sun rises in the Sultanate of Oman is Jebel Shams, i.e., Mountain of Sun, the highest peak of Al Hajar mountain range. The spectacular aura created by the mountains, valleys, and villages along with the sunset makes it a perfect spot to spend an evening.



Musandam is located in the northern-most region and is detached from the rest of Oman. Enjoying a geographical location with the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman surrounding it, Musandam is home to splendid fjords and beaches such as Al Khasab beach. Be it on a mountain top, a valley, or a beach –watching the sunset here is always a surreal experience.

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