Don’t Dare to Trespass These Sites

With the advancement in transportation and communication technology, it is difficult even to think that there might be a place in any corner of the earth which is forbidden. However, many sites are legally off-limits to the general population. Here’s a list of some of these mysterious places that you can only read about but can’t visit.

Top 5 Forbidden Places in the World


North Sentinel Island, India

This island is one of the constituents of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. It is forbidden to visit this island as the native tribes are not entirely open to welcoming foreigners on their land and have often inflicted injuries and resorted to violent behaviour whenever someone has tried to set foot here. Several deaths of intruders have also been reported, and therefore, it is not at all permissible to go closer than five nautical miles to this island.


Lascaux Caves, France

This forbidden place has about 900 preserved pieces of prehistoric art. It is not allowed to enter the Lascaux Caves since 1963 due to some inexplicable fungal invasions. Only a security guard is allowed entry once a week for a few minutes other than that no human is allowed inside the caves because human presence might cause potential harm to the ancient masterpieces.


Area 51, Nevada, US

Tucked away in Nevada desert, this prohibited area is a secret base of the American military. The purpose of Area 51 is unknown to the general public. This has led to many interesting speculations including some alien conspiracy theories.


Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

Hidden away in a mountain on one of the remote islands of Svalbard Archipelago, the Global Seed Vault in Norway is a protected seed bank. Its function is to preserve an array of plant seeds just in case a regional or global crisis occurs. It can store as much as 4.5 million seed samples.


Coca-Cola Vault, Georgia, US

Coca Cola’s secret formula is kept safe here inside the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta. It is one of those trade secrets in the history of the world that are very highly regarded. Coca Cola vault is forbidden to enter lest the best-kept secret might be disclosed to the world at large.

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