10 amazing and weird sights you can see on Google Earth

The world we live in is full of strange, wonderful, and unexplained wonders. With so many sights around us, it’s practically impossible to see all of it. But with the advent of technology, particularly Google Earth., it has become so much easier to see the wonderful sights for yourself. 


10 amazing sights to see on Google Earth


The Badlands Guardian, Canada

The Badlands Guardian is a natural geological formation in Canada that looks eerily similar to an aboriginal Canadian female with a headdress. The recent addition of a man-made dirt road and an oil well at the end of the road gave it a modern twist, making it look like the “female” had earbuds on. 

The Badlands Guardian


The Palm Islands, UAE

The Palm Islands are one of the biggest man-made islands in the world. These stunning islands are an engineering marvel and were created in the shape of a palm tree which can be seen clearly from above. The islands are one of Dubai’s biggest tourist attractions. It is also home to the famous luxury hotel Atlantis, The Palm. 

Palm Islands


Pentagram, Kazakhstan

In rural Kazakhstan, there’s a large pentagram etched into the ground. When it was first seen by curious onlookers on Google Earth, many assumed it was a sign of something evil. But in reality, the pentagram is just a star-shaped man-made park. 

Pentagram park


Desert Breath, Egypt

The Desert Breath is a giant spiral art installation located in the desolate Sahara desert. The spiral structure was made by digging out sand and a large circular pool sits in the middle. This immense structure took 2 years to make but it is slowly degrading away due to natural forces. 

Desert Breath


Landlocked lips, Sudan

Body parts are not something you’ll think of when you imagine rocks. But in Sudan’s West Darfur, there’s a rock formation that resembles a pair of lips. This 1 km long reddish rock formation stands out starkly in comparison to the flat surrounding areas.


World’s largest aircraft boneyard, USA

A place where old aircraft are discarded is known as an aircraft boneyard. The world’s largest aircraft boneyard is the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base located in the arid desert of Arizona, USA. With more than 4,000 unique airplanes, this boneyard can be seen clearly from Google Earth.

Aircraft Boneyard


Nazca lines, Peru

The famous Nazca lines in Peru are still a mystery even after more than 70 years of their discovery. We don’t know why it was built or what purpose it serves. But one thing that’s for sure is that the Nazca lines are breathtaking. The various designs and geometric figures span hundreds of kilometers over the desert. The biggest designs alone are over 1,200 ft long.

Nazca Lines


Guitar-shaped forest, Argentina

In Argentina, a man greaving for his dead wife planted over 7,000 cypress and eucalyptus trees in the shape of a guitar. Their love for music had brought them together and he wanted to memorialize her in their land so he went out of his way to create a stunning forest which can only be seen from above.

Guitar-shaped forest


Lake Taal, Philippines

Lake Taal on the Island of Luzon, Philippines is one of the only two lakes in the world with a special distinction. The lake, which is on an island, has an island that has a lake that contains its own small island. It’s a mouthful but in simpler terms, you can say an island-in-a-lake-on-an-island-in-a-lake-on-an-island. If that still makes you confused, you can check out the unique lake for yourself on Google Earth.

Lake Taal


Star-shaped town, Italy

The town of Palmanova in Italy is a small fortified town. What makes Palmanova stand out from other fortified towns in Italy is its shape. The town is in the shape of a 9-pointed star. The fortified town was built during the 16th-century and inspired by the idea of a utopian Renaissance city with its perfectly shaped walls and three nine-sided ring roads intersecting in the center of the town.



Which of these amazing sights did you find the most interesting? Have you heard of any other weird sights you can see on Google Earth? Tell us in the comments!


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    very splendid views, I wish I could visit all these sites soon

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      Indeed. Take off to any of these once international borders re-open. Happy Travelling.