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Best Secret Beaches in Dubai For A Chill Vacation

Dubai is a city that has no dearth of any kind of tourist attractions. But if you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday, here’s an exclusive list of hidden beaches in Dubai where you can enjoy the sand and the sun, eat your favorite food, play with your kids and chill at the beach. Top 5 Hidden Beaches in Dubai Sunset Beach Sunset beach or Umm Suqeim Beach is one of the best free beaches in…

No Selfies Please

Selfie craze has taken over our life and we are missing out on the little enjoyable moments of life, and in some cases even life itself. This is why these places have put a stop to it. Top 11 Places that Have Banned Selfies Garoupe, France They have named it “No Braggies Zone”. This is for people who take selfies and brag about their holidays to people back home with their social media…

6 Days in Abu Dhabi, The City of Extraordinary Affairs

Abu Dhabi is one the very few places that is liked by kids of all ages :). It’s a perfect choice for a family vacation & a winning choice for getaway with friends too. The destination is like a real life version of a picture book with miles of beaches, variety of landscapes, ancient forts, and inspiring architectural wonders. Home to the world’s newest theme parks, Ferrari race track, Louvre…

Friday Scoop of Tales – Part 11

Once upon a time, there lived a tanner in a far off village in Italy. One day, he went to a hunter to get the skin of a bear. However, the stock of the bearskins was over. So the hunter took the advance from him and asked him to come the next day. The hunter told the tanner that he planned to go hunting the following day and would get him a fresh bear hide. The tanner had always been curious about the act…

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Celebrate Eid in Bahrain

Celebrate Eid in Bahrain





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