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Your family will love you for this holiday idea!

Thanks to the diligent safety protocols and a stable vaccination rate, travel is back and running. And guess what? The extensive deserts and coastlines lie waiting for its visitors! With loads of things to do and delicious cuisines, you’ll never have an ordinary moment on this holiday.  Kuwait is not only about sightseeing, but the visitors get to experience a lot of outdoor adventures ranging from…

10 Cities That Are Commited To Its Wheelchair Visitors

One thing that’s beyond doubt about travel is that it is for ALL! No matter where the destination is, traveling continues to be a privileged endeavor. While it isn’t easy to pack up and tour parts of the world, traveling with a disability can be a bit more strenuous which demands a great deal of planning. Accessibility is all that matters! Learning accessible travel options in different destinations can…

Worried about leaving your cat behind while you travel? 

Overjoyed with your boss’ approval for that extended vacation you longed for? Well, the boss says ‘HOLD ON!’ Oh, wait! This is your cat in charge that we’re talking about. Ever wondered how to get your poofy along with you on a plane? Or, are you unaware of the fact that you can easily accommodate pets in hotels?  Well, you are at the right place. We’ve got all your concerns covered. Here are some tips…

What Are The Benefits Of Being Fully Vaccinated? These Countries Will Welcome You!

Countries have been in a constant race for vaccination rollout, and we understand that you have been eagerly waiting to resume your travel. Fortunately, countries are once again open to international visitors, typically, with fewer entry requirements for those who are fully vaccinated. But there's still a lot to consider before booking a trip, especially as the Delta variant continues to spread.  With…

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