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Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 7

There was once a ruthless king named Kalantissa in Sri Lanka. Legend has it that he unfairly executed a high priest on the grounds of treason by letting him succumb to death in an enormous pot of boiling oil. The priest’s body was then thrown into the sea. This made the sea gods furious leading to a massive flood. As the flood hit the land, people rushed to their king to plead for help. Kalantissa…

5 Facts to Restore Your Faith in Travel

There are many of us who don't need to be convinced about the healing abilities of travel. However, it's always better to be reminded of the positive side of the things we love to do to make us love them even more. So, here are some of the facts about travel that would want to pack your bags and leave for another adventure. 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel #1 Who doesn't want to be smarter!…

Albania- An Off-beat European Destination

Albania is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula of Europe. The country is yet unexplored, and this makes it a unique destination away from the chaos of famous tourist places. Delve into its rich culture and history, and have an authentic experience of this off beat European destination. 5 Best Places to Visit in Albania Tirana The capital of Albania has a fantastic confluence of architecture…

A Caribbean Vacation On your Cards!

Cuba is a great place to take a relaxing break away from the worries of daily life. This Caribbean Island has been a favorite among tourists for long and has much to offer to those who are planning a trip here. Read on to find must-not-miss places in Cuba for a fantastic vacation. Top 5 Destinations You Must Visit in Cuba Isla de la Juventud Isla de la Juventud is Cuban island off the coast…

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