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What’s Your Best Travel Photo?

We all are travel photographers. Whether you are pulling your phone out to capture a colorful sunset or packing advanced camera equipment to go off and document the charms of Jordan or the blue streets of Chefchaouen, Morocco, you’re a travel photographer with an eye for beauty. At Rehlat Inspiration, we have an always looking out for incredible travel photography. Send us the best travel…


No, That's Not a Typing Error - It's the name of the prince of Madagascar. The Republic of Madagascar, an island country in the Indian Ocean has a history of giving long names to its people and places. These names are often complicated to pronounce and remember even for people who are familiar with the Malagasy language. Madagascar and its Long Names Names of Places Not just names of people, but…

Bahrain – A Complete Travel Guide to the Pearl of Gulf

Do you know Bahrain was one of the first countries in GCC that allowed expats & tourists to enter the country? Yes, Bahrain is one of the modern Arab countries that has kept tradition close to its heart. The country is filled with attractions to cater to people of myriad interests from history lovers to food troopers to adventure enthusiasts. Visit this multilayered and multicultural…

Hag al Leila – A Sweet Celebration

Haq Al Laila or Haq Leila is an integral custom of the Emirati traditions. The tradition of Haq Al Laila is celebrated on the 15th of Sha’ban, the month before Ramadan. The day is celebrated in many Gulf countries, but the UAE has a special place for this day. The Tradition of Haq Al Laila Kids from all the families dress up and carry specially woven and tailored beautiful colorful bags. They wake up…

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