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Experience a roller-coaster ride of flavors with Indian Street Food

India is a land brimming with diversity. You will find a unique culture, unique language, and even unique cuisine every 100 km. Mughlai Cuisine, South Indian Cusine, Kashmiri Cuisine, Gujarati Cuisine, Punjabi Cuisine, Goan Cuisine are just a few amongst a plethora of cuisines that India has. Along with these sumptuous cuisines, the country has the most mouth-watering street food. Ranging from light snacks…

Your Checklist for Affordable Last Minute Eid Holiday Ideas

With Eid vacation just 10 days away, we are sure you must have already booked your airline. If not, let’s do it now. That said, with so many places to go to – thanks to Instagram – it has never been this harder to decide on where to go. Let us help you pick your dream holiday at a cheap price. Whether you are a mountain lover or not, travelling with friends or want to chill out all by yourself this Eid,…

11 Reasons Why Greece Should Be On Your Vacation List

Greece, the mother of western civilization, is genuinely an illustrious country. It has a rich history and plenty of accolades to its name. What adds to Greece’s charm is its natural beauty and near-perfect preservation of the past civilization. We recommend adding Greece to your bucket list and ticking it off at the earliest.    Bask in the glory of pristine Greece   Acropolis, Athens Rightly…

Get Dazzled by Jeddah

Jeddah, very popular for being the principal gateway for Mecca and Medina, offers a lot more to the world. It is the largest seaport on the Red Sea and has flourished as the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia. But are you wondering what does it offer a traveling soul? The answer is a lot more than you can imagine.  We have got you covered for the list of things you can do when in Jeddah.  Top…

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