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Puglia: The Sun-bleached Heel of Italy

Occupying the heel of Italy’s boot and coastline, Puglia is the best bet for travelers seeking to avoid crowded regions like Tuscany. It is a favored escape within Italy with long sandy beaches, beautiful coastal towns, tantalizing cuisine, etc. which altogether makes Puglia the perfect choice for a seaside family holiday. Take a look why it must be your next destination for your holiday with family. Why…

Nature’s Treasure Jizan

Jizan or Jazan is a beautiful port city in Saudi Arabia and is also the capital of Jizan region. Nestled in the southwest of the Kingdom on the coast of the Red Sea, Jizan has many natural wonders that certainly qualify to be added to every travelers bucket list. Top 5 Places to Visit in Jizan Farasan Island Farasan Islands are a must visit if you’re in Jizan. Only a short trip away, these…

Celebrate Winter at These Top 5 Festivals in Europe

Winter festivals in Europe are lively and vibrant. Shrug off the blues and celebrate winter at these European festivals when you’re in the picturesque continent. From carnivals, and ice sculptures to fire festivals, there are plenty to warm your soul. Here are a few popular winter festivals that you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Europe. Top 5 Winter Festivals in Europe Venice Carnival, Italy…

Let your Aruban Adventure Begin

With year-round sunshine, pleasant weather, sandy beaches and friendly locals, there’s no wonder that the island of Aruba can be called as ‘One Happy Island’. But there’s plenty to know before planning a holiday to the Aruba Island. We’ve compiled a list of things that will get you the most of your trip to this picturesque island. Aruba Island: Things you should know before you Go The little island has…

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