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Where is Dubai, Strasbourg, Nauru, Baku, and Malta?

Google is the Wise Owl of modern times. Whenever anyone has a query, they go to Google for answers. And Google too never disappoints. But what if we give you the details of the most searched places on Google in one place. Yes, you read it right. Find below the answers to the most searched “Where is…” on Google. 5 Top Searched Places on Google Baku Country: Azerbaijan Geographical…

Istanbul- A Book Lover’s Paradise

Istanbul is simply perfect in every way. Apart from its rich heritage of architectural masterpieces and geographic location, it is also a book lover’s dream city. Considering the historicity of Istanbul, it’s no surprise that this city has many libraries and book stores to satiate a bibliophile’s thirst. Top 5 Places to Find Rare Books in Istanbul Beyazıt State Library Beyazıt State…

Upside Down – A Forest Inside a Lake in Kazakhstan

Lakes are beautiful and so are forests. But, when you see one inside the other, it sounds scarily beautiful. Presenting you the pretty yet eerie Kaindy Lake in Saty, Kazakhstan. A complete forest is drowned inside the lake upside down. The trees jutting out of the clear blue water of the lake is like a sci-fi movie. How the forest went inside the lake? This magnificent drowned forest in lake was created…

Indonesia: A Shopaholic’s Delight

Every country has places where you can shop to your heart’s content without burning a hole in your pocket. You just have to know where to go and of course, how to bargain. Indonesia is a beautiful country where you can buy more for less without worrying about your bank balance. Go through our list of best places to shop in Indonesia for an amazing shopping experience.   5 Best Places to Shop in…

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