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Top 10 Craziest & Strangest Things You Could Get Fined for Around the World

Traveling the world is all about experiencing new things and creating memories for a lifetime. However, if the experience involves getting fined, then it can be a mood dampener. Offenses that might be ignored in your home country could be a strict law in other countries. Hence, it should be your priority to check the rules and regulations when traveling abroad. Here are the top 10 weird laws around…

A Different Take on Travel

Wanderer. Solo Traveller. Vagabond. The words that dominate the social media travel community. Posts that continually heighten your FOMO. And while you’re just casually scrolling down your news feed, without even realizing it, you begin to question your life choices. A feeling of being stuck and not being able to enjoy life like those people who are travelling the world hovers over your mind like…

10 ways to be an eco-friendly traveler

If you love traveling, you ought to have a soft corner towards nature. It may pain you to see the natural resources dwindling and our environment undergoing massive changes. You may also feel overwhelmed to do your bit towards conserving our beautiful mother nature. We say, yes, you can contribute to reducing your carbon print and that too while doing what you love the most, travel! Follow…

Stockholm Subway: The World’s Longest Art Exhibit

Stockholm is an artist’s paradise, and you will soon find out why I’m making such a statement if you continue reading. The capital of Sweden has an extensive network of subway that are so artsy that even a canvas might feel jealous of them. Before I give you a complete guide on how to navigate the subway system in Stockholm, let’s look at some of the interesting facts: 90+ out of 100 subway…

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