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Friday Scoop Of Tales – Part 24

Once upon a time in an old town in Malaysia lived a mysterious old man. It was believed that he had lived for almost a thousand years and was one of the wisest people on earth. He lived in a seaside cave where many people visited him to receive a solution to their problems. One morning, a young man visited him. The man said, “Wise old man, please tell me how can I be useful to people for all my life?” The…

Let’s Go Beyond the Petronas Towers – Explore a Different Kuala Lumpur!

Kuala Lumpur doesn't need an introduction. The city is Malaysia’s beating heart. This skyscraper-laden city has the popular Petronas Twin Towers. But a trip to the city is not all about the skyscrapers, it’s so much more than that. So let’s just dive into a different Kuala Lumpur or KL, shall we? 9 Random Places to Visit in and around Kuala Lumpur! Malaysia Cartoon & Comic House The…

Take a break with these day-trips from Muscat

The monochromatic and mesmerizing Muscat has countless things to explore. But sometimes, a break from the city and a day-trip rejuvenate you like nothing else. And with Muscat's enchanting neighborhood, it is not too difficult to revel in a day-trip. Rejuvenate yourself with these blissful yet short trips Al Jebel Al Akhdar Al Akdhar is a part of Al Hajar mountains and…

This UAE Destination Has Been ranked No.1 in the Most Instagrammed Places

On a vacation and you didn’t Instagram your trip clicks, did you even go for a vacation? If that's a rhetorical question, hello millennial, please be assured that you're not alone. The search for the perfect places to sit on our Instagram grid is a quest, and it is a never ending journey. If you are looking for something unique and refreshing pics for your Instagram feed, you don’t need to go…

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